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Association for Communication Excellence, 2013.

Online communications can strain financial and human resources. An impressive website, however, does not need to mean weeks of coding or thousands of dollars spent on professional programmers. In an age where low-cost social media can ostensibly replace cumbersome advertising budgets, it should be no big surprise that technological shortcuts abound on the internet. Communicators can quickly build a web presence without breaking the bank or dedicating long periods of time to a single task. Free tools turn novices into web designers and pros into efficient programmers with more time. Why reinvent the wheel if there’s one you can borrow?

This workshop will identify popular online communication practices, and tools with which to address them. Instead of frantically learning new coding languages to add a form to a website, communicators can save time with tried-and-true (and free) resources from companies such as Google. Open-source platforms including WordPress and Drupal eliminate the need for expensive content management systems. With these customizable programs, communicators can manage social media accounts and mailing lists more efficiently. By collecting tools to edit photos, process videos, monitor site traffic, communicate with consumers and troubleshoot problems, your toolbox will be heavy with talent and light on cost.


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