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Informs and engages with news, sports and feature articles for newspapers, magazines and websites.
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Creatively displays and organize information online and in print with web and graphic design techniques.
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Shares stories through multimedia platforms with a photographer's eye and a journalist's attention to detail.

Call me Bearhome

I'm a web designer, a writer, a graphic designer and a videographer.

Above all, I'm a communicator.

Originally trained as a journalist, I now blend my communication skills with technical knowledge, web design experience and a strong desire to continue learning. I’m an innovative and multi-talented communications specialist with experience in developing web, print and multimedia communication programs. I’m proficient in social media strategy and video production, as well as writing and editing well-researched articles in a deadline-oriented environment.


No specialty? No problem.

I don't get scared easily. If I don't know how to do something, I'll figure it out.

I've applied the, "sure, why not?" attitude to the professional adventures below and learn volumes every time.


Shoots and edits videos from the field or the studio.

Brand management

Visual and accessible designs take advantage of logos and identities.

Social media

Develops an engaging and interactive social media environment.

Web design

Uses latest trends and technologies to produce user-friendly websites.

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Bearhome Media, where you currently are, is my mosh pit of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and jQuery coding. I use this site as a playground to tinker with new tools and ideas, as well as a host for my graduate school projects.

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