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White paper on UF’s environmental and sustainability funded research potential

Based on the recommendation of 20 faculty and center directors at the CAIRES February stakeholder meeting, CAIRES is developing a white paper on UF’s potential for environmental and sustainability-related interdisciplinary grant acquisitions. The focus of the white paper would be underutilized assets that could be leveraged to spur significant increases in the quantity and quality of funded  interdisciplinary research in the fields of environmental sciences, sustainability,  natural resource conservation and development, climate science, and green technological development.

Specific tasks and deliverables include:

  1. A review of challenges facing interdisciplinary collaboration at UF (e.g. RCM, T&P, reward structures, administrative support, absence of research and personel networks, disciplinary and collegiate siloing)
  2. A review of best practices from peer institutions exceling in interdisciplinary scholarship and grant development in related fields (e.g University o Michigan)
  3. A survey of affiliated faculty and one-on-one meetings with Deans and Directors of related centers and institutes on key impediments and opportunities
  4. An improvement plan for the accelerated development of interdisciplinary funded research in related fields
  5. Submission of final white paper to VP IFAS, Deans, Provost, and VP Research

Timeline: Initiated May 2014; final draft submitted December 2014